I think I could get used to Bedford. (at Addison Howard Park)

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Prestatyn. (at Prestatyn North Wales)

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Camden. (at Camden Lock Market)

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A rare pretty moment in Chatham. (at Victoria Gardens - Park)

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Gotta love terraced houses with coloured doors. (at New Walk)

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I will get out of bed and do boring essay/revision stuff today, but first some time spent doing something I’ve neglected for a while! (at Paton Palace)

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What a cool but probably expensive idea! Wellies and Henrys. (at The Greenhouse Learning Space)

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Miss my old flat and the perfect people watching station that the kitchen was. (at New Wharf Halls)

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Wowza x100 (at Aberystwyth Castle)

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It’s that time again…. Aberzoo zoo zoo. Yay frisbee. (at Aberystwyth Seafront)

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Wowza (at Avenue Road Extension)

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Every student knows that making a to do list makes you instantly 100% more productive. (at Paton Palace)

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It’s so sad that they’re taking this down, it made for lovely views in first year. (at St Mary de Castro)

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Today was the perfect tree climbing day. (at Knighton Park)

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